Privacy Policies of Elite SEO Agency New Delhi India

The Elite SEO Agency’s website is legally owned, authorized, patented and copyrighted by the owner of the website. It is to be hereby declared that no site content is taken from the other sources or websites. Users are also not allowed to copy, access, and publish any type of data consisting of the website to anywhere else across the internet.

The site owner is legally allowed to edit, delete and add any sorts of services and packages anytime without the users’ consent. All services and packages mentioned within the website are only for the purpose of knowledge and information. All these services may or may not be included in all the packages of the same category. For any sorts of inconvenience in this regard, Elite SEO Agency, New Delhi, India is not responsible by all means.

Company logo and other media content such as images, video and audio files have created the company itself. Any sorts of illegal and unauthorized access will be the subject of Indian Judiciary Cyber Crime Act 2019.

We, the Elite SEO Agency, hereby declare that we never leak the user’s data collected by our “Contact Us” or “Subscriber” Form to anywhere else. However, the user’s data may be used to keep track of the site’s performance in terms of traffic, user’s engagement ratio and other site’s promotional, statistical and analytical data.

For the Individual or public safety measures, we are intended to use the highly secure networks protect by Industry standard firewall and password protected systems which are periodically enhanced and reviewed only by the authorized individuals.