Pay Per Click Management Package

With our PPC Packages India, every business can get their organizational goals with the highest ROI due to quality
paid traffic. Make your business popular with our PPC marketing packages.


Get Affordable PPC Management Packages in Delhi, India for Your Business

In our “PPC management service packages”, we help our clients in advertising their business across the globe. We follow several steps to create an effective PPC advertising campaign. In our PPC services packages, we set up a PPC ad campaign by creating text ads, banner ads, get GEO targeting traffic and track conversions. With more advanced lead generation package you are benefited with the report of competition analysis, keywords tracking, research and analysis etc and much more.

If you desire to run your business ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc but have an issue with your budget, with Elite SEO Agency for “PPC management packages” you don’t need to worry at all. You can try our basic PPC marketing package. You can also upgrade to more advanced PPC packages if you get satisfactory results. You are just a call away to boost your business across the globe with the help of our pay per click advertising on the most popular advertising platforms.

Upgrade With US No Locking Peroid

  • Plan
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Profess
  • Ad Networks (Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing)
Campaign Set-up
  • Campaign Creation
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5
  • Ads Group Creation
  • 4
  • 6
  • 10
  • Text/Search Ads Creation
  • 8
  • 12
  • 20
  • Responsive Ads Creation
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Banner/Image Ads
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Suggested Number of Keywords
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • Landing Page Suggestion
  • GEO Targeting Setup
  • Setup Conversion Code
  • Remarketing Campaign
Campaign Management
  • Daily Campaign Management
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Manual Bidding
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Ad Copy Optimization
  • Keyword Bid Optimization
  • CTR Analysis
  • ROI Analysis
  • Keyword Refinements (if required)
  • Bid Refinements (if required)
Analytics Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Adwords Conversion Setup
Reporting and Support
  • Reporting
  • Weekly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Advanced Reports
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email, Chat and Call Support
Adwords Management Details
  • One Time Set up Fee*
  • 3,000/-
  • 5,000/-
  • 5,000/-
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee*
  • 10,000 or 30% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
  • 15,000 or 25% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
  • 20,000 or 20% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
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10k/ monthly plan
15k/ monthly plan
20k/ monthly plan
Campaign Set-up
Campaign Management
Analytics Setup
Reporting and Support
Adwords Management Details
Monthly Plans Detail

Affordable PPC packages for your business

All these above PPC packages are designed by the best industry leading PPC experts. Our PPC ad campaigns are so effective that you can attract the targeting leads and boost sales of products/services at low costs. However, in case if you feel something unnecessary or irrelevant in our PPC service packages. You can place an order for customized PPC management packages. If you have a small business, you can get here the affordable lead generation service. Our pay per click advertising fees is flexible for all scale businesses.

Why PPC services important for your business?

PPC means Pay per Click. PPC is an effective way to get quick targeted traffic to your website and your business. PPC is different from SEO. SEO provides your website with natural traffic whereas PPC provides you with paid but real traffic in a quick manner. There is no doubt PPC is the best strategy to attract large traffic to lead generation for your business. Below are the key benefits of Why PPC services important for your business

Get GEO-Targeted Traffic

With the effective and keywords optimized PPC ads you can attract traffic from a specific location. PPC enables you to attract quality traffic in quick manner. With the help of PPC services, you always get traffic with high conversion rates.

Reduce Cost & Efforts

With the help of a PPC services, you can reduce your cost and efforts. You also save time to get real traffic. You can generate leads and easily track you audiences by effectively facing your competitors. PPP services promote your business across the globe.

Get Highest ROI

By displaying PPC Ads on Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms, you can get the highest sales of your products. You also attract many visitors and leads at optimized cost. In result you can get the highest Return on investment.

Incredible Targeting Options

One of the biggest benefits of PPC targeting options is to attract valuable audiences to your brand. With PPC ads you can make your brand popular among your audience. In short, you cross the limit of online marketing by PPC ads.

Track Business Performance

PPC tools are there to let the users know about your business performance. You can track the record of visitors, buyers and leads and do effective analysis to improve sales. With the help of PPC marketing tools, you can also track the record of your detailed business performance report.

Improve sales & Traffic

With the help of PPC services, you can improve real traffic to your website and hence you improve sales of your products and services. PPC is also one the best strategies to track the record of audiences with the help of different PPC monitoring tools.


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    Why choose our PPC marketing packages?

    We, at Elite SEO Agency, give you complete and cost-effective PPC services. Our Pay per click management fees is affordable for all scale business owners or startups. All startups business owners can full fill their desires to display their business ads on Google AdWords and Facebook etc with our PPC marketing services at the price exactly under their budget.

    Affordable & Flexible PPC

    Our PPC service packages are organized in a way that you can fulfill your all kinds of business needs. We provide affordable and effective PPC services.

    GEO Targeted Traffic

    We first analyze your business needs, market value, and then establish a PPC advertising campaign with proper keywords setup and focus on appropriate GEO targeting traffic.

    Earn Great Profit

    For example, you invest $0.1 on every single click, and in 10 clicks you get 3-4 targeted buyers. It means you will earn a great profit (ROI) by the end of the day.

    Industry standard PPC

    With our industry standard lead generation service, you always a step ahead of your competitors. Our PPC services are also flexible for all industries.

    Result Oriented PPC

    We do effective planning to set up PPC ads to achieve your business goal. Therefore, we are capable to offer result-oriented PPC marketing packages.

    Effective Customer Support

    We are available for 24 X 7 hours to provide our clients with effective customer support.  We allow our clients to communicate with us via an effective communication channels like email, phone calls, chat etc.

    We serve these Industries

    We are capable to serve all industries. We provide the best online marketing services for various industries such as Academics, Real Estate, E-commerce, Tech-industries, Medical and all startup or small scale businesses as per their business needs. For all your digital marketing requirements, Elite SEO Agency is the one-stop solution.

    Real Estate


    Beauty & Fashion

    Home Improvement

    Startups Business SEO

    General FAQ

    Is it possible to customize PPC package as per my requirement in future?

    Yes, you can upgrade or customize your PPC package anytime you want. We offer flexible PPC packages in terms of cost, duration, and your marketing objectives. If you need any changes or customization, we’ll be happy to serve accordingly.

    What should I do to get the customizable PPC packages in India?

    To get the customizable PPC packages in India, you can get in touch with us. We provide you with the PPC management packages as per your business objectives. Our PPC team will get back to you soon with a complete PPC package details.

    I have low budget. Can I myself create an effective PPC ad campaign?

    Yes, you can create PPC campaign but you shouldn’t avoid the fact that if PPC is done wrong, you will just spend your time and money. You should get the pay per click management services to reduce cost, boost traffic and gain the highest ROI.

    Should I need PPC Packages, if my website is properly optimized?

    Yes, because PPC Packages are different from SEO. With PPC ads you can boost traffic in very less time schedule. If you do PPC effectively, you can soon get large targeted traffic to your website. PPC marketing services are helpful to effectively promote your business world-wide.

    I have established my startup business. How can I get the best PPC packages in Delhi?

    You may get in touch with Elite SEO Agency, a best lead generation agency India to meet our well qualified PPC experts. You can email, chat with us or communicate with our PPC analysts and experts via direct phone call. Here you can get cost-effective lead generation service.

    What should I choose between PPC and SEO. Which is Right for my website?

    If you want quick traffic and leads generation from your targeted location, you can choose our pay per click advertising packages. Whereas SEO services provides you natural traffic but it takes much time to generate sales and traffic.

    What is the monthly average pay per click marketing fees for a startup business?

    It depends on how much traffic you want to achieve and for how much time you want to display ads. The more your bid amount, the more your ads get ranking. If you have startup business, you can start from our basic PPC Packages

    Does PPC really work if it provides only paid traffic?

    Yes, PPC works if it is done with an effective manner. PPC ads should be established only after the deep researches for your business, appropriate keywords, targeted traffic and locations.

    For a small business owner, how much does it cost to advertise on Google AdWords?

    Usually, Google Adword services are costly. But from Elite SEO Agency you get the best and affordable Google Adwords management service without compromising quality. We set an optimized PPC advertising campaign that’s why you can get many leads in reduced cost.

    I got already SEO packages. Now, can I run pay per click advertising for my business?

    Yes, you can use both PPC and SEO. But you should also know PPC and SEO both are different strategies. PPC can provide you with the quick traffic and generate leads whereas SEO is a slow process.


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