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Are you looking for ways of attracting customers? Then no doubt you are at the right place as this is a complete guide from where you will come to know about how to bring potential customers from search engines.

If you are an IT professional and particularly from Search Engine Optimization department, then you must have a knowledge of various methods of attracting customers on a website. These methods include social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. and through search engines.

Today we are here to share some secret weapons with you which are tried and true ones on how to bring potential customers from search engines.

Use Strategic Content

Strategic content is the key to attract potential customers. Create valuable content like blog articles, eBooks, reports, videos, comment and review sections, etc. Help your website visitors to solve problems while positioning your brand as a valuable resource. Be relevant, helpful, and time-sensitive. Let us discuss with an example of how search engine content can help you in your journey to attract potential customers.

Have you ever gone out to visit a new restaurant only to get there and willingly wait in line a while to try their food? Even when there are other options in the area? If so, then the restaurant likely offered a new type of cuisine than the others that appealed to your tastes. Most probably it was also stylish with a comfortable atmosphere. Being in-tuned with customers suggestions, restaurants create menus that keep the crowd coming. Great experiences lead to positive reviews and a steadily growing business. In short, that’s how effective Search Engine Marketing Content works.

It’s not enough that content is valuable to your customers. How they experience the content needs to be exceptional with great design, images, and no diversions on your website and blog section.

Get real-time information on topics that are most relevant to the users. Once you set up your topic clusters you can see which topics are attracting leads and customers, and which are not.

Publishing the search engine optimized content on your blog is the key, and sharing your content across targeted channels will help you to get even more traffic. Hence it’s important to keep the content optimized for search engines so potential customers can find it with ease when searching online.

Ultimate Guide on How to Bring Potential Customers from Search Engines

Creating the right Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and content is crucial for attracting customers. It offers a great way to keep your marketing focused on your customers so that you can create the best content to draw the attention of a potential crowd.

Be Aware of Your Customer Segments

Discover what your customer’s challenges are through interviews, research, and surveys. Know what are their likes and dislikes. Then conduct search engine keyword research to find the best keywords that people search for on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Google has a whole suite of tools that help you get to the bottom of the keywords and phrases. And in this case, they have a few golden tickets for understanding keywords such as:

Google Trends: This tool is very interesting and is one of my favorites. This allows you to get an inside look at Google’s databases of different searches. You can look at Google searches by categories, regions, languages, and set the time and search properties (image, etc.). You can look at one single keyword, or you can compare multiple terms.

Google Autocomplete: We know that when we go to search for something, and Google starts to finish our question, that’s called autocomplete. According to Google, Autocomplete assumptions are nothing but some possible search terms. The search queries that we all observe as a part of Autocomplete, reflect what other people are searching for and the content of web pages.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner: The great thing about the Google AdWords Keyword Planner is that you don’t need to actually spend any money on AdWords – you just need a Google account. With a Google account, users can access the Keyword Planner and enter a keyword and Google will populate search volume (how often it is used) and the competition of that word (how many people or businesses want to rank for that keyword). As Google is great, this tool lets you filter by location, language, and mobile or desktop use.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Wordtracker: Wordtracker is a tool that gives you insight that whether or not a keyword or particular keyword phrase is worth content efforts. This tool gives you an estimate of how many times a keyword or a keyword phrase is searched by users each day, plus any related phrases or keywords. Wordtracker does require a membership, but you can try it free of cost for a few time.

Even the biggest questions can be answered with some tools. And in spite of what you might think about SEO, nothing is impossible – not even keywords. But especially not keywords, when it comes to using your resources and common sense.

Use Your People

Yes, you have heard right, your people. Who are qualified as “your people?” Your customers, staff, potential buyers, etc. Anyone who is familiar with your business, who uses your product, purchases your goods, even those who choose a competitor – all those are your people. So, do some research work – what questions are they asking? What are the ‘hot topics’ or trending topics in the market? These notes will act as big players in your keyword game. They all help to attract potential customers to your website.

Investing in SEO for Your Business

Building an online marketing strategy around Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just about knowing the techniques but it’s also a matter of listening to your potential audience. And to get through to your target market, you need to share everything with them.

It’s not a secret anymore that sometimes people are at the loss when searching online. To fix this, search engines are going out of their way by improving their algorithms that are sensitive to user’s needs. So by empathizing with your potential customers, you become more aware of their needs and design your marketing strategy according to their needs or what they’re looking for.

But why should you invest your time and resources on SEO? The reason is that search engines continue to be the best source of traffic for websites. And SEO is the way to put all that into action. Thus hiring a professional SEO company in Delhi, India will help to gain highly-targeted organic traffic to your website. 

In 2011, according to a study published in a blog User Centric, People’s eyes are drawn to search results at the top of the search engine result pages, and also to organic search results.  This means the websites that provide their audience with valuable information are the ones that often rewarded with high rankings in search engine results. And that audiences always prefer organic, relevant search results over paid advertising.

So what is meant for your business? Basically, if you want to be found online, you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s really not enough to create a website. You need to meet potential customers halfway with a website that’s designed to answer and fulfill their needs. Because if you will not give them a map that leads them what they want, how will they ever find you?

Encourage Quality Links

Google always prioritizes the websites having quality links and hates unnatural links. Try to encourage your users, friends, partners, clients, and bloggers to provide links to your site. The more quality incoming links you get, the higher website ranking you will have.

Avoid buying backlinks for getting a top ranking result in Google as it can lead to Google penalties and negatively affect website positions in search. Getting natural backlinks will gain more organic traffic.

There are various effective ways to get quality links to your website:

  • Guest posting. Reach out to relevant websites and suggest quality content to them. You can include a few links to your site or products without any hint of self-promotion.
  • Build up a strong social media presence. You can get more followers by sharing relevant and quality content and interact with your readers consistently. Also, update your social profiles with professionally designed pictures and cover photos.
  • Comment on relevant forums and blogs. Create a list of forums and blogs related to your site, add your thoughts and comments to discussions. Try to write useful and interesting comments with a link to your site to let people visit your website.


We know that generating traffic from search engines is hard work and it is much easier to buy traffic. But the purchased traffic is not much beneficial as it will not attract potential customers. Hence the primary goal of any business should be to attract potential customers.