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Your Facebook management strategy has to be unique. There’s an ocean of potential customers to whom you can reach on Facebook. But with a larger pool, it’s harder to examine and find your place within its space.

That’s why we created this Facebook marketing services for 2019, which includes five essential strategies to not only get started but also create an impressive plan. Get started now.

As Facebook aims to deliver the content that its users will enjoy most and find most relevant, organic reach has been on the decline. This presents a particular challenge for small businesses because they don’t have the same budgets as bigger advertisers to invest in paid posts to compensate.

The director of the business strategy at digital agency Futurety, Sam Underwood said that “the harsh reality of Facebook today is that only about 1 out of 50 people who are already followers of your page will see any single post you make on your Facebook business page”. “Long gone are the days of posting and knowing that many, if not most, of your followers, will see that content.”

But no need to fear, small businesses—there is hope.

Here are 5 tips for how to find the right audience and offer the content and experiences they’ll value, even with a limited budget.

Social Media Marketing

1. Know which social media networks to focus on

While you have to be on social media, most businesses could not focus on all social networks well at the same time. So you need to find out where your customers are — and where most of the competition is playing. Facebook is one of the leading social networks for business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing.

According to a survey, we come to know that in the social channel matrix, many of the massage companies operate on multiple networks. However, in looking deeper at the number of followers & potential reach in the matrix– it’s clear that Facebook is by far the priority & the focus.

So, if you want to launch a new massage business, you would know from this initial competitive survey that your first priority would be Facebook, then followed by Twitter.

 2. Optimize your profile on that network

It’s amazing how many companies create a profile or facebook business page but don’t enhance their presence. For example, on Facebook, you have the ability to provide a lot of details on your page (accessible under Settings & Page Info). To start with, improve your descriptions using the maximum number of characters allowed.

According to that survey, there is a Facebook description overview, in which not all of the massage companies have optimized their descriptions.

One should remember that they are allowed up to 154 characters in that basic description. This is the first thing that visitors will see at your page, plus it helps to drive search results within Facebook. This section can be used to tell Facebook users who you are & what you do!

Do not put your hours of operation, locations or other details, as there are other specific sections of the page for that particular information.

Beyond this section, you should optimize completely the page settings. There is a section for a long description where you can add more detail about your business, value, goals, competitive advantage, etc. This is a great search advantage!

And be sure to fill in the categories & sub-categories that Facebook provides you for the search. Just like with your website, the goal of your company background content is to be found by most of the Facebook users!

3. Communicate your brand personality

While you need to be present on the social networks where there is your competition, you should not look or sound just like them.

This means that both should be clear on the unique value YOU helps to bring your customers — be its lower price, higher quality, more variety, more convenience, etc. — and having a brand personality.

Your brand might be funny or silly or serious or helpful or encouraging. Whatever it is, communicate it consistently in your Facebook posts and live updated.

The key here is being consistent with your “voice” and being unique from your competitors, so your fans will look forward to your posts & know what to expect from your brand.

4. Create great content that engages

Another reason to be declining of publicity around the number of Likes is that this doesn’t show whether or not these followers are active or engaged with you.

Getting someone to Like or follow your business only once is a good start, but behavior that leads to revenue involves commitment and continuity. Are your followers liking specific posts or sharing your content or using the coupons/specials you promote on Facebook?

These top social content analytics are also helpful to see what types of posts are driving the most traffic– photos, links or status posts — as well as what day of the week those most traffic driven posts were published.

Remember: you can learn from your competitors and “steal” their ideas. If you find out photo-based posts relating to specific types of massage drive high traffic, then try some more posts that follow the same model using YOUR personality, of course.

In addition, to review the most traffic driven posts, you could review all of the competitors’ posts and your own to figure out what’s working & what’s not working & adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

5. Integrate social media with your other marketing channels

While Facebook marketing for small business has become much more complex over the last few years, not to mention more data-driven, it’s become more critical than ever to use integrated marketing strategies. This means your social media must align, correlate & develop all your other marketing initiatives, from couponing to advertising to email marketing & beyond.

All your marketing channels should build on each other to provide a consistent brand image, message & targeted audience relevance. This is also true with your Search Engine Optimization.

Many people work to understand what keywords are driving the most quality traffic to their website, but they don’t think about using those keywords in other marketing channels. By using a most experienced and expert Facebook marketing company in India, you can see which keywords and phrases are the most important, and competitive, in this market.

One should include these keywords throughout their marketing, in blogs, social media, press releases, online advertising, etc.

Use the entire marketing mix to build authority & brand honesty around your business & these terms.

Throughout the years, most of the Facebook marketing companies have developed great relationships with many of their clients & good relation with their associates too. In fact, several of their very first clients are still their clients to this day. We are humbled and honored by this and work to create that kind of trust with each of the clients. We are always ready and want to be a partner in the long-term growth and success of your business.