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“Pay Per Click marketing” is arguably the most effective form of lead generation through online marketing. As the name suggests, it works on a pay-per-click basis – in other words, when ads are clicked by any user, the advertiser pays a fee to Google.

“PPC services” can not only bring targeted and qualified traffic to your website, but its method is also consistent and expandable. Anyone can achieve success using the “best PPC marketing services India” simply for optimizing your PPC campaigns efficiently and avoiding common PPC mistakes.

So, in this article, I am going to teach you all the tips and tricks used by the best PPC advertising agency India for optimizing your PPC campaigns.

1. Never run PPC campaigns without a good understanding of your client’s business & goals:

Make sure that you fully understand your client’s business, products/services, and the target audience. Because if you don’t understand, you will target wrong keywords, you might create ad copies which won’t sell, you might target wrong people/websites and due to which you will lose a lot of money and that too pretty fast.

Make sure that you have clearly defined goals (branding, leads, conversions, etc) for your PPC campaigns. So if your main focus is on brand building, then you must run CPM campaigns. If the focus is mainly on conversions, then you have to run CPA campaigns. Without goals, there can be no strategy and without any strategy, there is no optimization.

2. Always set your Max. CPA targets:

Max. CPA is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for each conversion without getting into a loss.
So if the price of your product is said $20, then your Max. CPA is $20. You can spend up to $20 to sell a $20 product. If your spending is more than your product price then you will be in loss.

Obviously, you want your client to make a profit on each sale. So you will keep your CPA lower than the price of the product. While this logic sounds so straightforward, many marketers don’t implement this logic and may end up spending $200 to sell a $70 product, that too even without knowing as they have not set up any CPA targets. You need to work with your client to determine the maximum amount that they are willing to pay for each conversion and still make a profit on sales.

3. Setup your Adwords account with proper thinking and planning:

I have seen many Adwords account which was set up without any planning. This generally results in:
a) Multiple campaigns and ad groups target a single product category.
b) Keywords duplicacy across campaigns and ad groups.
c) Ad groups containing 20 to 25 ads.

A well-structured account is easy to monitor and manage.
a) Use descriptive names for your ad groups and campaigns.
b) Make sure that one campaign targets only one category of product.
c) An ad group doesn’t contain more than 4-5 ads.

4. Run campaigns with Conversion Tracking:

I have seen PPC accounts being run for years without any conversion tracking setup. People who managed these accounts either measured the effectiveness of their ads and keywords wrestled with Google Analytics. Both of which are not the best way to measure the performance of your PPC campaigns.

As a marketer, you must need to know what happened after a user clicks on your ad. If he purchased your product then which keyword, ad, ad group or campaign triggered the conversion.


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    5. Smell what is selling:

    As a marketer, your first priority is to generate maximum possible revenue for your client. So if a keyword, ad group or campaign results in a lot of conversions, then it is wise to increase its budget.

    6. Optimize your campaign settings:

    Campaign settings can eat a lot of your budget if not set with your business goals. If your website is not made for mobile devices then you should not run ads on mobile devices. Similarly, if your focus is on conversions then you should not run CPM campaigns.

    Check the campaign settings:
    a) Make sure that your campaign target only the locations, languages, network & devices that are relevant for your target market.
    b) A campaign should use the right bidding option, budget, and ad scheduling.
    c) Ad extension feature should be used.

    7. Run re-marketing campaigns:

    Re-marketing campaigns have proved to increase the ROI for many businesses and are always profitable.

    8. Never Ignore Negative keywords:

    Your ads should appear for all relevant keywords. But it is more important that your ads don’t appear for irrelevant keywords as they easily beat the relevant keywords. Spend much time in managing a list of negative keywords than managing a list of relevant keywords. Make sure that you add negative keywords on a daily basis that will help you in controlling ad spend especially when you have a low budget.

    Tips to optimize your ppc campaign


    9. Don’t manage everything manually:

    You may end up paying dearly someday if you monitor and manage campaigns manually. To begin with, once you should go through your budget when you used to manage everything manually. Moreover, if you are managing so many PPC accounts, you just can’t monitor everything manually. Create customized alerts and automated rules to monitor & manage the performance of your campaigns effectively.

    10. Continuously optimize ad copies & landing pages:

    Optimization is not a one-time process. The ad copy and landing pages which are working today may stop working tomorrow. Moreover, there is always scope for improvement. So regularly run the test to improve the conversion rate.

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